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The grader is reliable heavy construction equipment. It is useful for smoothing and levelling of a surface.

A grader is also called a road grader or a motor grader. It is self-propelled and can be used for the creation of levelled surfaces. A grader is most commonly used during the grading phase of a construction project.

How does a grader work?

A grader has three axles, two in the rear and one in the front. Traditional models were moved with a wagon, but modern machines are self-propelled with the axles. The steering wheel steers the grader.

Graders also have blades between the three axles and sometimes can be two blades.

What can a grader do?

So many attachments can be fixed on a grader. This makes it extremely useful and versatile.

Graders are used for paving and levelling road surfaces. This is done with the blade which flattens the underlying landscape to produce a levelled ground. Although they are used for road construction, they can be used to create levelled surfaces for different purposes.

Graders can also be used to widen ditches.