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Bulldozers are very strong machines mainly used for digging, pushing, excavating, landscape grading and debris clearing. They come with large, heavy blades in the front that does the construction work. A ripper at the back helps break down tough soil.


A crawler bulldozer is also referred to as a track bulldozer and looks like a tractor. This equipment is used for moving heavy materials and can have rippers which help to break down dense landscapes.

Wheel dozers

This type of bulldozer is larger than the crawler. It is also referred to as a tire bulldozer and is more flexible than a crawler bulldozer. It has hydraulic steering and moves swiftly. Since it is a wheeler-type of bulldozer, the equipment is mostly used on sensitive roads.

Mini dozers

This bulldozer is smaller in size and is also known as a compact bulldozer. This type of equipment is useful for projects that require more flexibility and versatility not possible with larger machines.

Its small size helps the bulldozer perform extremely well in various projects.

Port handling dozers

This type of bulldozer is a special type of bulldozer designed for movement in and out of cargos in commercial vessels and moving of bulky goods.


This is also a special type of bulldozer used for performing construction and roadwork projects.

How to choose a Bulldozer

Buying a bulldozer or renting one for your project can improve the efficiency of your construction project. Choosing the right bulldozer is important.

  • Identify the purpose you want to use the bulldozer for
  • Analyse the work or construction site
  • Consider the landscape

Type of Bulldozer blades

A bulldozer can also be classified by the type of blade at its rear. These blades serve different purposes; can handle different types of materials. They include:

Straight blades

This is the shortest type of blade a bulldozer can have. It is attached to the arm in the lower back and thanks to its shape, the straight blade is best for finely-grained and medium density materials.

The shape of the blade however limits the bulldozer’s lifting capability.

Universal blade

A universal blade has large side wings and curved shape that makes it useful for pushing materials across long areas. The wings keep the material intact and stop it from spilling over when in motion. The universal blade is useful for ditching, hauling, and pushing.

Semi universal blade

This blade combines the features of the straight blade and the universal blade to give it stronger penetration ability. It is narrower, less curved, and its side wings are smaller compared to normal universal blade. This type of blade is useful for crowning, moving heavy materials, stumping.

Angle blade

This type of blade is attached to the centre of the bulldozer’s panel. This location makes it possible for it to move debris side to side. It is considered a two-way blade and it can spill since it does not have side wings. It is useful for ditching, stumping, shaping.

Power angle tilt blade

The power angle tilt blade is considered one of the most versatile blades. The blade can move in almost all directions and like the angle blade, it is located at the centre of the bulldozer’s panel. It is useful for land clearing, levelling, grading.