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A dragline extractor is a type of heavy equipment used in civil engineering, surface mining and excavation. A large excavator uses a dragline or lever to pull a bucket by a wire cable. The bucket excavates the material. The operator operates the bucket by dragging the cable so the bucket gets dragged along the ground and digs into the landscape. Later, the operator releases the cable and lifts the bucket so the scooped material can be emptied.

A dragline excavator differs from a power shovel because of its long light boom.

Procedure of dragline

  • Excavation begins by swinging the empty bucket to the digging position, at same time releasing the cables
  • Then the bucket is dragged along the earth surface, pulling it towards the machine. The digging magnitude is determined by the pressure from the cable
  • When the bucket is filled, the operator releases the cable and lifts the bucket
  • The materials in the bucket is lifted over a surface and dumped.

Types of draglines

  • Crawler mounted dragline
  • Wheel mounted dragline
  • Truck mounted dragline

Application of dragline

  • Bulk pit excavation
  • Ditching
  • Mining and mine excavation
  • Road excavation
  • Underwater excavation

Advantages of dragline

The dragline can operate on natural ground, far away from the construction site

The dragline can excavate without shoring

Disadvantages of dragline

Its productivity is lower when compared to the power shovel.